Factory Service Manuals

If you would like to repair your own car, investing in a Factory Service Manual (FSM) is a must. These are the manuals that are provided by the manufacturer which will make troubleshooting and fixing your own car a breeze. Similar to Chiltons or Haynes which are based on the manufacturers FSM, the FSM is stocked with the original and detailed wiring diagrams, torque specifications and general information

The manuals found on this site cover typically cover the following content;

Body, Frame & Mounting, Engine, Suspension, Driveline, Brake System, Transmission/Transaxle, Clutch, Chains, Exhaust, Fuel, Steering, Shocks, Climate Control, Instrumentation & Warnings Systems, Battery & Charging Systems, Audio, Lighting, Electrical Distribution, Wiring

As cars age, the information becomes harder to find, the FSM becomes forgotten much like the vehicle. That’s where onlyrepairmanuals.com comes in.┬áDon’t pay hundreds of dollars taking your car to the mechanics, they’re only doing what you could yourself.

Factory Service Manuals can be found on this website for free. Have a look through, download and get fixing.


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