Holden Commodore VF Specifications

The Holden Commodore VF first made it’s appearance in 2013, and is the second last Commodore to be made before it’s discontinuation. You can get it in Sedan, Stationwagon and in Ute under the Holden Ute name.

Some good points:

The VF sports a powerful bose sound system which has never been seen before in its range, only made available in a select few other vehicles.
The following audio system is as follows:
– Panasonic Head Unit
– Bose Amplifier and speakers
There were talks to remove the Compact Disc player due to it becoming obsolete in recent years but it was later determined to be too integral to the experience of the user.
The new sound system allows for new music streaming services without the use of third party devices.

Holden Commodore VF Specifications

Some common issues with the Holden Commodore VF are as follows:
– Heater underpowered
– Service Messages appearing
– Fading computer screen

Repairing your Holden Commodore VF is possible with the use of a workshop manual. There is one that has been made available and you can get this holden commodore repair manual from our website.

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